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  • Cockroach Control

    Types of Cockroaches

    There are basically two groups of pest cockroaches - big ones, and little ones. The big ones are called American Cockroaches and the little ones are called German cockroaches.


    The big ones and little ones each have a different ecology which determines what type of treatment is needed, so we like to know which type of cockroach you have, sometimes you have both. Keep in mind that the baby big cockroaches are often confused with German cockroaches, but don’t be too concerned about it, we’ll work it out.


    There are actually other types or species of big cockroaches as well, Oriental cockroaches, Australian cockroaches, but they have the same basic ecology as the American cockroaches so there’s no need to be too concerned about that German cockroaches are not actually from Germany. The common name is just related to their scientific name which is Blatella Germanica. Germanica is a Latin reference to the German area and lots of other plants and animals have the same species name, germanica, such as the European wasp which is Vespula germanica and there plants with the Germanica reference also. But why exactly it is called Germanica I don't rightly know, maybe it was first classified in that area and so that is what it became, but I don't really know. Sometimes taxonomists just pick names and while scientific names often have some relation in Latin or greek to what they are describing they don't always have a literal translation.


    “We had a few cockroaches but now they’ve gone crazy”


    Yes, this will happen. It is a common comment from clients and is why you shouldn’t really wait for cockroaches to get out of control, as it is inevitable. What has happened is the population has got to a critical point where there are enough breeding pairs for the population to start to increase radically. Its an example explained via a simple population ecology model, called exponential growth - as shown in the graph below. Note that the cockroach population stays low for a few time periods, just slightly increasing, and then once we get to time period 4 the cockroach populations start to increase more sharply, and you start to visibly notice the cockroaches more. Then after period 5, it really starts to increase and the rate gets worse and worse. Once you reach that point, look out!


    Have the cockroaches controlled before they break the dishwasher, and they often do ! Cockroaches love microwave ovens, kettle bases and toasters. If you like your coffee machine get rid of your cockroaches early as coffee machines can be difficult to treat at times.

    German cockroaches are not at all indestructible, as is commonly believed. It is in fact relatively easy to get rid of German cockroaches - before they turn into major populations. Treat German cockroach infestations sooner rather than later.

    Do cockroaches spread disease?

    Cockroaches don’t necessarily spread disease like you might read or assume. The pest control industry loves to tell you they will as a marketing tool, but that’s a little removed from reality. Cockroaches can spread disease, most certainly, yes it is true, and this is not denied, but in a domestic situation where the cockroaches are basically living within the structure of your house or cupboards, you’re unlikely to encounter disease problems from them, that’s just used as propaganda to scare you more.


    But as the population increases, there are more droppings and pheromones lying around, which you can start to smell after a while, and they really start to make things quite dirty and smelly, and they most certainly can lead to an unhygienic environment, yes - especially when the numbers build up.

    Disadvantages of natural non-toxic cockroach control


    In terms of effectiveness, there is no disadvantage at all. The main disadvantage is mainly a disadvantage to me, in that it takes a lot longer to do, about 3 times as long as traditional cockroach control methods, though it doesn’t cost three times as much, which again is mainly the disadvantage to me.

    At times as well, the scope of a cockroach infestation can make natural cockroach control less practical, but this is rare in the domestic household, and in many commercial circumstances it is not common either. This disadvantage is mainly confined to very large storage areas such as exterior sheds with a lot of stored goods in them. This does nothing mean that anywhere you have storage we are going to spray, okay, no it does not mean that at all.


    There is no need to empty cupboards, though things may be moved about a bit as the cupboards are gone through and inspected in detail. There is also a bit of moving things about to facilitate thorough inspection. If you have floors that are highly susceptible to scratching please let it be known, though experience allows us to pre-determine such circumstances.
    Sometimes it is not possible to get to concealed areas where cockroaches exist and so occasionally, very occasionally, surface spraying may be advantageous. This is rare, but occasionally these situations do exist.


    That’s about it really. Other minor disadvantages are not in the process of cockroach control but more in that it is not an easy thing to explain just what is done; all houses are a bit different so it’s easy to assume in a description of what is done that this will not work in your house. For example, it is often assumed that because blocking holes is used that your house has too many holes and thus natural cockroach control won’t work. This is not the case at all. There are many different ways to go about natural cockroach control and so it is just a matter of altering the process a little, and this is the skill of Eco Defense Pest Control, and is one advantage of having a degree in environmental management gives you, it gives one a greater ability to analyze an environment, environmental impact, and be more flexible in the approach taken in cockroach control, rather than coming in and doing one set programmed thing for cockroach control at every house.


    Chemical-free environment for your family
    With an Eco Defense natural cockroach control treatment you will have no chemicals lying on surfaces, so during and after the treatment, as you function about your house and kitchen, you will not be coming into contact with any chemical residues.
    Your children will be able to live in a chemical-free environment. It is also the best approach for pregnant women, where you should be trying to avoid contact with chemical residues. Here find some best cockroach traps.

    Do I have to leave the house and prepare?

    No, you don’t have to leave or do anything at all in preparation, except try and observe where cockroaches are mostly seen, but that’s not critical either.

    You can stay in the house while the treatment is being undertaken, though feel free to leave if you wish but there really is no need. Nor do you have to empty the cupboards. In fact, just leave everything right where it is. A cockroach infestation is often associated with the physical state of your kitchen so we like to see how your kitchen is organized. Also, when you empty cupboards you are possibly transporting cockroaches to other areas so they avoid the treatment.


    What does help is information about where you see cockroaches. This helps the treatment process so if you can take note of areas where you see cockroaches and let us know before the treatment takes place. Some modern-day kitchen are rather large and so this information can help significantly. But that’s about all you need to do. And if you don’t, it doesn’t matter too much, it's not critical, it will be discovered during the treatment, but this information certainly can help.


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